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Online Event Proposals - In Residence Proposal



  • Develop a detailed event budget
  • Develop theme
  • Discuss the event with your Residence Life Coordinator for feedback
  • Tentatively book your desired venue and vendors
  • Review all venue/vendor contracts with Housing officials before signing them
  • Submit your proposal online a minimum of 21 days prior to your event date


  • Event monitors are required at all student events
  • The required ratio of event monitors to participants is 1:20. However, the Housing Department reserves the right to amend the monitor ratio requirement.
  • Event monitors must:
    • abstain from alcohol for duration of event
    • meet 30 minutes prior to event start with event organizer for review of protocols
    • be the eyes and ears to ensure a safe event, reporting any foreseeable problems to staff
    • accompany an intoxicated resident back to the residence front desk and have a staff member on duty called to check in with the student (note: it is preferable to have two monitors accompany a student back to residence who has been asked to leave an event)
    • be clearly identifiable at the event
    • ensure only approved participants use bus transportation
  • It is recommended that 2-3 monitors be smart-serve trained
  • The number of event monitors includes outside security, however, outside security are required to stay at the venue for the duration of the event
  • Outside security is to be provided by ISM
  • Ratio for outside security is 2 for the first 100 participants and 1 for every 100 participants after that
  • Additionally, some venues have their own security requirements. You must always ensure your security number comply with both Housing requirements and the venue's requirements.


  • At all times you should attempt to purchase food from a licensed food provider
  • In the event that students will be preparing and/or serving food at an event, please adhere to the following food safety guidelines outlined by the Middlesex-London Health Unit:
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Section 3: Event Monitors & Security Staff
# of Student Event Monitors: (Ratio: 1monitor for every 20 participants) --- Monitor(s)
# of Outside Security Staff: (Ratio: 2 for first 100 participants, 1 per 100 participants after) --- Outside Security Staff(s)

TOTAL # of Event Monitors: --- (= Student Monitors + Outside Security)