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Online Event Proposals - Formal / Semi-formal



  • Develop a detailed event budget
  • Develop theme
  • Discuss the event with your Residence Manager and your APC for feedback
  • Tentatively book your desired venue and vendors
  • It is recommended that you review all venue/vendor contracts with Housing officials before signing them
  • Submit your event proposal online a minimum of 21 days (three weeks) prior to your event date


  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available when alcohol is served
  • No extra strong or extra large drinks are to be served
  • Venue cannot offer special pricing on drinks for your event
  • Participants may purchase no more than two (2) drinks at any one time
  • It is the responsibility of the organizer to purchase wristbands (available at the USC Promotions Department, and have event security attach wristbands to of-age participants when checking identification prior to entering the venue.


  • Event monitors are required at all student events
  • The required ratio of event monitors to participants is 1:20. However, the Housing Department reserves the right to amend the monitor ratio requirement.
  • Event monitors must:
    • Be a student leader affiliated with Housing at the time of the event (e.g. Residence or Faculty Soph, Staff Member, member of Residents' Council, etc.)
    • Be sober for the entire duration of the event. This means that event monitors arrive sober, and leave sober. In the spirit of this policy, sober means having consumed no alcohol or other intoxicating substance whatsoever before, during, or after the event;
    • Meet 30 minutes prior to the start of the event with the event organizer, the Residence Manager (RM)/Manager-on-Call (MOC), duty staff, security team, and venue management to discuss protocols and expectations for the event*;
    • Report any and all foreseeable issues to present duty staff;
    • Accompany an intoxicated student back to the front desk of their Residence building. It is strongly recommended that two monitors accompany a student back to Residence. A duty staff in the building will be called to check in on the student;
    • Be clearly identifiable at the event;
    • Interact in a respectful manner with venue and security staff;
    • Ensure only approved participants use transportation, if applicable.
  • It is recommended that 2-3 monitors be smart-serve trained
  • The RLMT will recommend a security provider
  • Ratio for outside security is 2 for the first 100 participants and 1 for every 100 participants after that
  • The number of security guards hired shall be in compliance with both the Department's policy as well as that of the venue. In the case that the venue policy exceeds that of the Department's in terms of the number of required guards, the venue's security policy must be observed


  • No alcohol is allowed on buses
  • All participants must use the transportation both to and from the venue, unless a specific letter is submitted from a participant
  • Trips must depart and return from the same location
  • A minimum of 1 (one) event monitor is required on each bus
  • Consider staggering bus departure times to accommodate participants' needs
  • Have taxi fare available at local events for emergency purposes
  • Highly intoxicated participants will be sent back to residence by taxi accompanied by an event monitor


  • At all times you should attempt to purchase food from a licensed food provider
  • In the event that students will be preparing and/or serving food at an event, please adhere to the following food safety guidelines outlined by the Middlesex-London Health Unit:
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I have read and understand the Event Planning Guidelines
Section 1: Organizer Details
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Section 2: Event Details
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Event Date:
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Start Time:
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Approximate End Time:
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Venue Address:
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Please provide a brief description of your event: Include themes, objectives, itinerary, etc.
Section 3: Alcohol
Approximately how many participants will be under the age of 19? --- participant(s)
What controls will be implemented to prevent underage consumption of alcohol?
Security, monitors, wristbands, etc.
Section 4: Event Monitors & Security Staff
# of Student Event Monitors: (Ratio: 1monitor for every 20 participants) --- Monitor(s)
# of Outside Security Staff: (Ratio: 2 for first 100 participants, 1 per 100 participants after) --- Outside Security Staff(s)

TOTAL # of Event Monitors: --- (= Student Monitors + Outside Security)
Section 5: Transportation
Will you be organizing transportation for this event:
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Method of transportation:
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Pick Up Time:
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Drop Off Time:
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Additional Information: Recipients of 1 way transportation, number of buses, student driver info, etc.
Section 6: Food
Will food be served at this event:
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Food to be prepared/served by:
Students     Venue     Catering Company     Other
Additional Information: Menu, details of any student involvement in food prep/service, etc.