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Residence Leaders Awards

At our year-end banquets for Residence Staff and Residence Leaders (sophs and council), campus and building specific awards are handed out to honour those recognized by their peers and the RLMT for their accomplishments. Across campus staff members are awarded for their programming efforts, their engagement with other residence leaders, their ability to connect with and support an expanding population of international students, their work behind the scenes and more. As well, each building recognizes staff members who have demonstrated an aptitude for community building, have shone in a new role, and those who have taken on a leadership role within their team. Residence Staff also have the opportunity to recognize other Residence Leaders for their accomplishments, such as Residence Sophs and members of Residents' Council.

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March 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm

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Listed below are the awards that are handed out at the year-end staff and residence leaders banquets along with their respective descriptions. Early in March the RLMT will look to you to help us identify student leaders in good standing, who have worked diligently to support Residence Life at Western and have gone above and beyond their roles. Take a look at the awards below and consider who on your building leadership team might be deserving of an award!

Staff Banquet Awards (Campus-Wide Awards)

Programming All-Star Award

This award recognizes the staff member(s) who have developed and executed a highly successful program in their residence community. This program can satisfy any aspect of the Community Development Model (Late Night/Weekend, Building-Wide Program, etc.) and will have demonstrated a positive impact on the participants. This program would be of the caliber to be added to the online programming resource center for future residence staff to use within the residence community.

Stoph Engagement Award

The Stoph Engagement Award recognizes a staff member who works closely with the Stoph team. The recipient works towards strengthening the bond amongst the stoph team as a whole, and develops good relationships and works collaboratively with other student leaders who live within their community.

Internationalization Award

The Internationalization Award recognizes a staff member who has gone above and beyond in welcoming and supporting the international and exchange students within their floor or building community. This award may also recognize their efforts to broaden their residents' international experiences, through various programs or encouraging participation in campus-wide programs such as ASB or Western exchange programs.

Style & Approach Award

This award recognizes someone who addresses situations both confidently and professionally, and someone who understands the importance of making connections with residents while on call. Not only does the recipient embody the values of an upstander, but they have worked hard to implement an atmosphere where residents look out for the well-being of each other, and has created a "culture of caring".

Teresa Scherle "Behind the Scenes" Award

This award highlights a distinguished staff member who quietly, but diligently, supports others to do their best. The award also represents staff members who may not attract the limelight, but whose efforts are felt by many.

Learning Community Leader Award

The recipient of this award will be a staff member who currently has a learning community (faculty or special interest floor), and provides outstanding guidance and programming relating to that specific interest for their residents.

Unit Team Achievement Award

The Unit Team Achievement Award recognizes a unit team who developed a strong working relationship, provided mutual support, created dynamic community building programs and provided developmental opportunities for residents. The unit team selected exemplifies what can be accomplished through successful teamwork.

Community Wellness Award

This staff member will have worked diligently to educate their community on one or more of the seven dimensions of wellness (Mental, Academic & Career, Physical, Social, Environmental, Financial, Spiritual). In doing so, this staff member enhances community and individual capacity towards achieving student success.

Staff Banquet Awards (Building-Specific Awards)

Community Development Award

This award recognizes a staff member(s) whose consistent efforts and enthusiasm have enabled them to create an environment in which all members of their floor community are mutually valued and supported. Nominees should be staff members who have exemplified creative and dynamic approaches to addressing the needs of their students and engaging the residence population through a broad range of successful initiatives.

Rookie of the Year Award

This award recognizes a first-time staff member who shows dedication and passion towards their position, floor, building and team resulting in outstanding contributions. The recipient of the award is recognized as having the potential for leaving their mark on the residence life program for years to come.

Susan Grindrod Residence Staff Award of Excellence

This award recognizes a Residence Staff member who has exemplified leadership, excelled in their role and demonstrated a lasting impact on their residence community.

Residence Leaders Banquet Awards (Campus-Wide Awards)


Given to a Soph or Council Member who:

  • Has lived in residence for four years
  • Has given at least three years of service to the Orientation Program and/or Residence Life (either as a Rez Soph or as a Residents' Council member)
  • Was dedicated to the Rez Sophing program and/or Residents' Council
  • Contributed positively to their residence communities during their time in residence

Triple Crown

Given to a Soph or a Council Member who:

  • Has lived in all three styles of residence
  • Demonstrates versatile leadership
  • Has thrived in each style of residence as an engaged community leader
  • Adapts to change extremely well

Craig Sandre Spirit of O-Week

Given to a Soph who:

  • Maintained a strong presence on their floor and in the building after O-Week
  • Lead and engaged in residence education programs and community events that occurred throughout the academic year
  • Maintained an unwavering enthusiasm and passion for Sophing following O-Week

Outstanding Contribution to Residence Life

Given to a Soph or a Council Member who:

  • Has gone above and beyond in their role
  • Was passionate about Residence life
  • Has dedicated their undergrad to Sophing or to Council in residence
  • Was a role model to other Sophs, Council members, Rez Staff, and residents
  • Was an exemplary presence during Orientation Week and throughout the entire year
    • Organizing, promoting, and executing residence programs
    • Fostering healthy relationships
    • Bonding with their floormates and other residents
  • Has left their "mark" on Residence Life in their role as a Soph or as a Council Member

Innovative Programmer

Given to a Soph or a Council Member who:

  • Created a new program that met the needs of their residence community
  • Thought outside the box or put a spin on a classic program
  • Developed a program that had a significant impact on their residence community (i.e. profound learning, change, or insight occurred)

Behind the Scenes (Quiet leader)

Given to a Soph or a Council Member who:

  • Quietly but diligently supported others to do their best
  • May not have attracted the spotlight but whose efforts were felt by many
  • Often went above and beyond what was expected of them
  • Was reliable and committed to helping others

Stoph Engagement

Given to a Soph or a Council Member who:

  • Has worked to develop a united Stoph team
  • Has fostered positive relationships with the Staff team and Soph team
  • Participated in and/or organized dynamic programs that built a cohesive Stoph community
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